Wajid Hassan

Had a chance to sit down with Don Early and talk on his podcast called “The devil you don’t know”.
I was drawn to Don as he is one of the few podcasters out there talking about the subject of the devil and the origins of good and evil.  He was surprised and intrigued when I told him that the devil is now dead! (The interview is being edited and will be up on my January Blog).
Indeed, is truth stranger than fiction and my Yogi Master Dr George King always said that if you want know truth you have to speak the truth and as a master metaphysician in his own right Dr King talked about the transmutation of satan which occurred on February 24th 1969.

The transmutation of satan called Operation Karmalight was successfully concluded on February 24, 1969. The above heading is a copy from The Aetherius Society’s Newsletter at that time.


For centuries we as a collective have misused our freewill and given power to tyrants and dictators that have ruled over us. One very detrimental way that we have done this is sending our uncontrolled thoughts of hate, war, envy, jealousy, spite etc which have traveled to the lower realms of Earth that fed and gave power to demonic forces the main leader being satan itself.
Dr King stated that the law of Karma allows for a time evil to exist for a certain length, but evolution has to continue and eventually no matter how powerful any ruler is it will fall.
There is a continual energy war occurring behind the scenes on the other realms between the forces of darkness and the forces of light.

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